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About our Pastors


Pastor Joseph S. Toomey III was born in Liberia, West Coast of Africa and at the age of ten, came to the United States to live with his father who had come to the states a few years earlier and lived in St. Albans, NY seeking a better lifestyle for he and his family. During his childhood years in NY, and in an effort to fit in being driven by the pressure of his piers at school, Joseph did what ever was necessary to become one of the boys. This lifestyle led him to join his peers cutting classes and smoking cigarettes and doing other unpleasant things.

After a long life of this crazy lifestyle and having been gifted with musical talent, Pastor Toomey joined a band and played for many years and lived an even crazier lifestyle which led him further away from the presence and the calling of God in his life. One day he cried out to the Lord and said Jesus if you deliver me from this craziness, I will serve you for the rest of my life.

November 29th of 1990 he surrendered his life to the Lord and has served him since becoming a student of the Word of God, then a worship leader, a teacher, a preacher, and an evangelist. At the present time, Pastor Toomey is a Licensed and Ordained Pastor in the State of Florida and has acquired several Licenses including Arno Profile Christian Counseling, Suicide Intervention, and has had years of training in the area of substance abuse, as well as 18 years of intensive training in the Word of God.

Pastor Toomey’s messages cater to everyday living bringing strength and encouragement to others through the Word of God. Pastor Toomey is a singer/songwriter and has recently released his first CD entitled; The Lord is in this place which is now available for purchase. Pastor Toomey is the Founder and Chairman of Great Commission Fellowship Center.

Pastor Daisy Astacio-Toomey is a native New Yorker whose parents were both born in Ponce Puerto Rico. Pastor Daisy has also had her share of life’s experience but in a different light. She was raised with both of her parents along with her five brothers in a Christian home and is the youngest of the bunch. In her early twenties Pastor Daisy got married and had two wonderful boys but like many marriages, it did not work out leaving her alone with two little ones to take care of. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Daisy joined a Christian Organization called Redemption Ministry in New York and began to teach Sunday school where she later became the Superintendent.

Pastor Daisy and Joseph first encountered within this ministry and were later wedded and have been married for almost 13 years and have a beautiful 9 year old son named Brandon Toomey. Pastor Daisy has since had compassion for women that are struggling to make it and has become an encouragement to them and a great leader, teacher, and counselor.

Pastor Daisy attended Baruch College and is also a Licensed and Ordained Minister of the Lord and also has an Arno Profile Christian Counseling License and together Pastor Joseph and Daisy are known as the Dynamic-Duo.

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